Creating a landing page is a proven way to increase the interest of the target audience in a product or service and push the client to take the desired action (purchase, call back, etc.).

Of course, ordering a landing page is not a panacea. A landing page is a tool that pays off when it works alongside various marketing methods. This type of online resource can significantly increase the number of sales.

Order a landing page: what is a landing page?

A landing page, also known as a landing page, is one page that contains all the information about the service or product provided.

Often it looks like a long, several screens, selling page that collects data about what advantages you have, how to place an order, and so on.
You can order a landing page both bright, with lots of animation, and simple, concise. It can accompany the main site, thus increasing the popularity of the search query of the main site. And also, by ordering a landing page, you will focus the user’s attention on a specific product. Focusing on a particular offer will speed up decision making and ordering.
The landing page can also be a stand-alone market analysis tool and, among other things, is great for increasing conversions. To do this, it analyzes how much time the potential client spent on the page, where he clicked, from which form he wrote the question, the analysis of the landing suggests the most successful solutions.

What is the difference between developing a landing page and what does a selling landing page contain?

If we consider this issue in more detail, from the point of view of a specialist, then the structure of the landing page can be presented in different ways depending on the preferences of the customer. But at the same time, there is a standard set of elements and an effective typical structure.

What types of landing pages are there?

Landing pages are used for various purposes, and for each there is a certain type of structure with the most appropriate set of elements. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand what task the selling page should solve.
So, the landing can be presented:

The price for the landing page is not fixed because the wishes of the customers are not always standard. Price category of landing pages with an exclusive design is an order of magnitude higher. But the trust of customers in your company will also increase if the design is not template.
Also, the necessary functionality and layout requirements are discussed with the client (rubber or not, adaptive or not, what animation to install on the page, etc.).

The price for creating a landing page is from 180€