The creation of an online store has long established itself as a solution to many problems for both the seller and the buyer. Today, the lack of representation on the Internet for medium and large businesses in the form of an online store or at least a business card site indicates the insufficient development of the company.

EVERYTHING is being sold in online stores lately. From fortune-telling services to airplanes. If you already have an offline business, or want to start your new business, whatever it may be, an online store will be a great way to promote it. You only need to order the development of an online store and soon you will be able to sell books, stationery, wardrobe items, tools, special equipment, appliances, furniture and much more! It is also convenient to present on a virtual showcase something that cannot be found in a regular store: e-books, license keys, photos, melodies and texts.

Structure of an online store

Standard sections of the online store:

The product catalog is the main section of the online store. For it, you can choose the type of navigation you want, depending on the collection of services provided. A linear type of navigation (going from page to page sequentially) will be appropriate if the site contains a small selection of products of the same category. If your product range is wide and varied, consider layered navigation. You can also organize navigation according to custom criteria.

Development of an online store may include:

How much does it cost to create an online store?

The development of an online store is more expensive than a regular site due to the large number of pages in the layout and the amount of work for the programmer.

The cost of creating an online store can vary greatly. Depending on the desired functionality, design, management system and search engine optimization.

For clarification, the customer individually discusses what is desired with a specialist, the web studio evaluates the cost of the proposed work and offers various options to optimize development costs.

Creating an online store is:

According to statistics, the percentage of online trading portals in Europe has grown by 65% over the past couple of years, which indicates the prospect of this direction of trade. And if you want to take your business to the next level, then we will be happy to help you not only with the development of an online store, but also with its further promotion on the Internet.

The price for creating an online store is from 900€.