Technical support of the site is a direct path to the success of your business after creating an Internet site, because the creation of sites now and a couple of years ago gives completely different results and without constant adjustment, maintenance and updating of the Internet resource, it is unlikely that it will also be of interest to your potential customers.

Indeed, for better indexing and display of queries, search engines prefer developing resources, rather than frozen ones without changes in time, and hence not only an increase in the number of visitors, their conversion, but also an increase in your profits.

Our company offers many options for improving Internet resources.

Increase the functionality of legacy sites:

Site Modernization:

Modernization is possible by adding various filters, forms, baskets or other convenient features. You can improve the usability of the resource with the help of interactive elements – these are photo galleries, videos, drop-down menus or lists;

Responsive site:

We will create an adaptive website design for mobile devices, including tablets and mobile phones, quickly and inexpensively. If your resource is equally good and convenient for use on any mobile device, and not just in the computer version, then you will be provided with a significant increase in efficiency and profitability.

Redesign or new WEB design:

A website redesign is needed so that your website does not look outdated compared to your competitors. The new design approach will update the outdated appearance of the pages, it will also solve the issue of changing the direction of the resource and its audience, it will help with changing the company’s marketing policy, low conversion rates and the desire to increase the effectiveness of the resource.


Repair of an Internet resource is the restoration of its functionality and performance with the elimination of programming or operation errors. A non-working resource will immediately be lowered by search engines in issuing requests, therefore, regardless of the reasons that caused the breakdown, you need to contact specialists and in no case trust repairs to amateurs. A complete restructuring and modernization of the project is possible, transfer to a new content management system, that is, it engine.”

Our company will take into account all the wishes and preferences of the customer. The reconstruction of your Internet resource should be carried out much earlier than it will exhaust its capabilities and will not be able to cope with the tasks. Therefore, in order not to create everything from scratch, do not ignore the technical and informational update of your virtual representation.

Price for maintenance from 60€